Emma Lucey

22 years old
Living in Sydney
i collect vintage clothing
i use a Canon 500d, old film minolta, fisheye2 film camera plus other vintage & disposable cameras

Most of these photos are mine (or of me)
Can you tell us where abouts in Cronulla your 'secret beach spot' is? I live in the Sutherland Shire and cannot work it out! PS. Adore your work and photos!

I’ll never tell ;) It’s pretty popular now so someone must have snitched!

30.Jul.14 2 days ago
hi lovely! i'm new here and i think you're fab :) just wondering weather you were at uni and if you were what were you studying? where do you want to see yourself in 5 years time? :) keep up the incredible work! xxx

Hey newbie! Thank you! I graduated uni last year in December - I was so thrilled to receive a distinction for my studies in Media & Communications (Major: Advertising/Marketing). I don’t have a 5 year plan - I kind of had a 1 year plan at the beginning of the year to find an Advertising position after I returned from Vietnam - although blogging has been taking me to some wild, amazing places this year and I am just really happy working on my own projects right now. At the moment I’m planning a trip to Europe in September… exciting! X

30.Jul.14 2 days ago
I just stumbled across ur blog when I saw ur pilgrim's post on my dashboard (I love that place so much, whenever we go to Milton thats where we go! they just opened one where I live!!!) and what can I say... Your blog is perfection!! Is every post yours? love love love it like words cannot explain and u are also insanely pretty X X

Thank you! So sweet! Yes, every post is mine (usually from my instagram @emmalucey) or is from a shoot I’ve been featured/involved in. xx

30.Jul.14 2 days ago

Afternoon kiddo

I’ve just logged on to my tumblr & I’m blown away by all the new reblogs & followers on here since I last logged in. Also lots of new messages in my ask box so I’ll try an answer them all soon. Thanks so much for the love everyone! What a bunch of splendid, splendid people. x

30.Jul.14 2 days ago